Why working with a Small Business is better.

I recently came across this Infographic on Visual.ly that I thought expressed well the benefits of working with a small business. Sometimes I’m asked, “what happens if you get hit by a bus?” Good question, and it forces me to take a closer look at the alliances and support staff that I have around me. You may see a small business, but I see a large support staff where I get to select the top people in their field that specialize in the area I need. I hear too many stories from within large corporations where folks are forced to work with someone who is disinterested or unqualified; all because of policies and standing offers. What a terrible way to face the challenges of succeeding in the workplace. I’d much prefer to work in an environment of performance driven results!

To me, that’s why dealing with a small business creates the ability to “Anticipate Customers Problems” better than large companies, and “exceeding expectations” is the norm.


If You Don

From Visually.

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